The villa

Established in 1953 by the parents of the present incumbent, « Jnane Sherazade » is located juste to the East of the habbous, the famous traditional district of the economic capital as well as the setting for the royal palace. The Royal Palace covers an area of several hectares enclosed by five meter High ochre walls pierced by a splendid chased bronze door, making a beautiful Picture with the guards in their gold and red uniformes, bringing to mind the celebrated city.
Going deeper into the legendry habbous district, passing through the bazaar selling, the very best Moroccan handicrafts, one comes to the home of the guild olives and olives oil producers with pure olive oil arranged according to harvest and origin- a unique opportunity to sample the array of smooth green and wrinkled black olive, stoned and unstoned, stuffed with silver of green paper, and right next door, the honey market, alive with the scent of myriad province. All around, like a glittering setting, are the metal work sellers, with their competing, displays of copper and silver plated goods. As one continues up towards, the railway line, one entre the famous offal market, full of culvers feet and camel meat, highly prized by shopper anxious to keep their cholesterol levels down, the whole district is a palette of wondrous, colors and sounds, and yet is a haven of medieval calm and tranquility.
The concept
A novel concept in more way than one:
• The first luxury guesthouse in Casablanca.
• A convivial atmosphere with satisfaction guaranteed.
• Escorted shopping – make sure you get the very best value for money.
• Individual airport pick-up service using only top – of – the – rang cars.
• Interpretation service offering all major language;
• Consultancy service for overseas investors, with in-depth knowledge of the best firms.
• Links with guesthouse in other towns for those who wish to visit other parts of morocco.
• Unlimited free internet access from your room and connection for to a central printer.
• 12 person meeting room with video projection.
• 20 person meeting room with video projection.
• Private dining room for groups.
• All booking made free of charge.